Just want to thank you for how well the illustrations look in the book.  I know I can be a stickler over details sometimes but, following your progress through the link is like watching something slowly come into life.  I've introduced many new products in different industries over my career but I don't recall ever being so keenly aware and excited by each development stage.  Each day holds new wonders in the book's growth!


Pretty amazing feeling!


Mark Nixon, Author, You Can't Always Win, The Good Loser


Press Release


Bonnie Bright brought our children’s book to life. Her enthusiasm for her work created its own rhythm and life for what started out as a very personal dream and resulted in a very successful book. Bonnie is responsive, responsible, and very easy to work with throughout all phases of an illustration project. Our book would not be as beloved as it is without Bonnie on the team.


Jessica Elin, Co-author “I Love You All The Time”

Cookie Bear Press


Bonnie Bright did an outstanding job with her illustrations for my new book, Greenie and the Tree Frog which is now available at amazon.com Not only has her art work been exceptional but she has been very easy to work with—affordable, punctual, accessible and open to suggestions. I wholeheartedly recommend her.


John Manesis, Author, Greenie and the Tree Frog


Bonnie’s delightful and engaging images transformed I Love You All The Time from a lyrical poem with pictures to an enchanting, endearing children’s book that’s sold over 200,000 copies. I’m proud of our words but firmly believe Bonnie’s heartfelt drawings are what capture people’s attention. As a production partner, she’s reliable, honest, and smart—if she suggests something other than what you have in mind, I highly recommend considering her ideas!


Jennifer Elin Cole, Co-author I Love You All The Time, Cookie Bear Press, Inc.


Bonnie’s delightful and engaging images transformed I Love You All The Time from a lyrical

While looking for an illustrator for our children's book, we searched through hundreds of artists before we found Bonnie.  Her style was exactly what we were searching for.  We hired her and she created illustrations more beautiful than we could have ever hoped.


Since then, we have hired Bonnie to create three websites, countless advertising graphics, and a beach house sign.  Each one perfect and remarkable in every way.


Bonnie has been a great find.  She is professional, beyond talented, attentive, and unique.  I attribute much of our success to what Bonnie has created for us.  There is no one else that we go to for design work.


Christopher P Cammack, Author, The Good Deed Manger



I wanted to reach out and thank you for the box of "The Tangle Tower" books you donated to our organization last year. We have seen such a positive response to that book at our StoryTents with it being a reader and volunteer favorite! It seems to be extremely relatable as well. We have given copies out at some of our programs and the excitement the kids expressed at being able to keep a copy is amazing! Especially since the majority of our StoryTents are set up in low literacy, high poverty communities where some kids who attend don't have easy access to books. Thank you for helping us spread a love of literacy by sharing you lovely work with us!


Thank you so so much for your time and support, I look forward to hearing from you!